The Best Thrill Rides in the Okanagan. This is a World Class Zipline Park with authentic and comprehensive zipline rides. Every line is different... different take-offs, different landings, different types of rides because the slack in the line varies throughout the course.

Cross the 85' swinging bridgee to the 50' tall takeoff tower when you arrive at the first zipline run. You're just getting started. The second station of this 72-acre zipline park gives options. Choose 2B (or not 2B if you have some issues with height or speed). The new Boomerang Line is for those looking for a big thrill and a really wild ride. Try it if you're brave. We've built this slack line to resemble a half-pipe... part bungy, part pendulum... To use the Boomerang Line you'll approach a high platform by traversing up a Burma Bridge. You'll step off and travel more vertically than traditional ziplines. Zip down then up towards the sky, stall and reverse back the way you came. You'll zip back and forth in the u-shape as long as your momentum continues. What a ride!

There's lots more fun to go. 

After the fifth zipline run you will scamper (or wobble) across the 75' rope bridge to a grand 35' towering platform. Here the 2 automated cameras will capture you soaring in the treetops above the lakes. The last line is 1514 ft and you'll reach speeds up to 85km/hr. A thrilling grand finale... then a ride back to reception for refreshments and viewing the photos that captured your ride automatically.

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3-minute commercial: Oyama Offers more Zip Line Variety. Each take-off is a different experience... towers, cliffs, trapdoors/walk the plank ...

Any Age Can Zipline. A fun place to bring Mom, Dad... Click here to see grandma zip

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Ranked the #1 Zipline with almost 100 reviews.
"The staff were awesome and the ziplining was above and beyond our expectations. The views of the lake and of the valley are breath taking. It was nice that the rides built up in speed and length gradually. All four of us were very impressed and would highly recommend this adventure to anybody."
"This wasn't just a quick ride and yer done. It was a 3 hour experience that had spectacular views of the valley and lakes below. The staff were amazing, entertaining, well trained, safe every ride, personable and fun. We researched other companies and we are SO glad that we chose OYAMA! We all would all recommend this adventure to our friends and family. We will be back. Thanks for the memories! "