LINE #1 Cross 85' swinging bridge. 50' tall tower takeoff. 375 ft. long, speed approx. 31 km/hr. ...  LINE#2 take-off from platform and try a stunt.  295 ft. long, approx. speed 35 km/hr. ...  LINE #3 Large belly in the line is a favourite... unique free-fall sensation. 178 ft. long, approx. speed 52 km/hr. ... LINE #4 BEST ZIPLINE RACING Not only can you zip beside your friend, you experience the trap-door / gang plank exit from this platform. Reach high speeds approx. 70 kms/hr for 525ft landing tower tucked in the trees... LINE#5 Every age loves this gliding 500'... and longer ziplines are ahead (1500' and more)... #6 MOST SCENIC (with autocameras) Premier Okanagan views of lakefront and farm markets. Wow! Scamper or wobble across the 75' rope bridge to a grand 35' towering platform. The vistas are breathtaking. The 2 automated cameras will capture you soaring in the treetops above the lakes 760 ft long. LINE #7 FASTEST ZIPLINE: Double racing zipline from 25' take-off tower, 1514 ft, speeds up to 85km/hr. A thrilling grand finale... then back to reception for refreshments. Transport is available.