Smart Belays made by Edelrid

All equipment and training is included with admission. Guides and instructors are on-hand to assist. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed with a connecting cable between both carabiners that participants attach to safety cables. The technology does not allow both clip points to be open at the same time. When one clip point is open the secondary cannot be. This Smart Belay system is superior to the traditional manual clipping systems often used in aerial challenge courses across North America. The Smart Belay provides a much more enhanced level of safety for the participants.

Students are harnessed up and then attend Ground School where we teach them how to use the safety equipment. Children and youth are not allowed on the courses until they can demonstrate to our trained instructors that they understand and are capable of using the equipment. Participants are supervised closely and encouraged by our staff as they move through the Green, Blue and Black courses.

Another feature unique to our course is that each circuit has its own entry and exit points. This allows participants to stay within their comfort and ability level. As well, this can allow administrators, coaches, teachers or chaperones to control the kids' experiences. Based on the age, chaperones may determine that a particular child is more suited to only complete the green or blue circuits (and eliminate the black course). At Oyama Zipline Adventure Park we allow participants to enjoy our Aerial Par for a time allotment, rather than a circuit based activity. They can repeat circuits they enjoy best.