Bring The Tots to Oyama. Are you a parent or grandparent wanting to take the kids somewhere special?

Oyama Zipline offers Forest Monkey Playland for ages 3 - 11yo. The chaperone/s are admitted free to relax or participate with the children.

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The aerial circuit has an easy way, and a more difficult method of swinging through. The entire circuit is netted for the safety of the children. No harness are used and the kids are free to run the circuit or play on the ground. Some parents relax in the shade and some run the course with the kids. This playground is an excellent place to wear off excess energy and socialize.

We follow all the mandates and recommendations for all playgrounds in BC. We think outdoors is one of the safest places for kids to play together. Our children's area is gated There are sandboxes and fun activities on the ground. The climbing elements and the childrens' zip line are netted to prevent falling injuries. A Park Guide is posted to watch the children and promote fun and safety.

There is so much excitement for children in the forest. We keep our adventure park natural to inspire wonder. The climbing, swinging and creative possibilities are endless. There are playground elements suited to young children and challenging physical activities for those under 12 yo.